Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Skinny Jean, Where Hath Thou Gone?

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It has come to my attention that street style bloggers and fashion moguls alike are foregoing the skinny jean. At first, I struggled to determine whether or not this was an actual pattern, but as I flipped through all the street style photos taken during fashion month, I knew a revolution was about to take place.

Yesterday, I discussed the desire for designers to combine comfort with sophistication by reintroducing the fanny pack. Once again, this thought crosses my mind as more fashionistas are wearing flowy pants or mom jeans over skintight pants.

What is going on?

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As much as I love a flare and a harem pant, I can't help but think about the short girls (aka me). Can short girls even begin to consider giving up the skinny jean?

When I discovered skinny jeans, it changed my life. Gone were the days of slouchy pants that made me feel sloppy. I finally had a rear end and I learned that defining the shape is essential to dressing well. Today, I question this belief.

Do we even need to wear tight clothes to feel attractive? Is fashion trying to counter social norms or redefine them? Is this a response to uncomfortable experiences with prior trends? Is it about feminism?

As I look at these women with their new pants, I feel inspired to experiment myself. If petite women like Miroslava Duma are wearing them, why can't I?

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At first I wondered how I can possibly remain proportionate with a looser pair of pants. Won't I just drown in the fabric? After all, that is every short girl's biggest fear. After giving it some thought, I realized that it wasn't the skinny fit that gave me height, but the waistline. If you make sure your pants are high waisted, you can get away with the flowy pant. Jackpot.

And that got me thinking: is there anything a short girl can't wear? Is it all just in our head?

Women constantly condemn aspects of their body, but the magic of fashion is that it always finds a way for every girl to wear any trend in a manner that suits her body type.

Maybe I can finally purchase that perfect pair of baggy leather pants.

I guess you'll have to wait and see!

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