Monday, February 9, 2015

What Happened At The Grammys Before I Fell Asleep Watching

As we all know, award shows seem to drag on endlessly and no matter how good they are, our attention spans simply cannot handle four hours of this. Last night, the Grammys were no exception. Though there were many memorable moments and MOST of the performances were pretty spectacular, I couldn't seem to last until the very abrupt end. However, I came across enough moments to make a top ten list of things that made it worth the watch. Ready?

Rihanna's Giambattista Valli Dress
While many walked the Red Carpet in sleek gowns or elegant jumpsuits, Rihanna decided to make it happen in a puffy pink cotton candy gown by Giambattista Valli straight from the latest Haute Couture show. Who cares if it was over-the-top? It made everyone in the room smile and whether it blew your mind in a good way or a bad way hardly matters because Rihanna can get away with anything.


The Collabs
If the Grammys are any indication, 2015 will be the year of the unexpected collaborations. It turns out, nobody is good alone anymore and needs to add that element of surprise with a familiar face you never saw coming. Some of the best song collabs last night were: Annie Lennox with Hozier, Sam Smith with Mary J. Blige, Riri with Kanye and Paul McCartney, Usher with Stevie Wonder, and Lady Gaga with Tony Bennett. Also, Ed Sheeran with John Mayer at guitar. Also, Gwen Stefani with the smoldering Adam Levine. Yes, there were many collaborations (some would say too many), but the strange part was that many of the accompanying artists didn't sing more than a lyric. However, it did have the intended effect of keeping us interested.

The Old Men
There were so many old men at this event, one might have suspected it was taking place in a very different era. Take for example the opening by AC/DC who rocked it out like it was 1995. Were you feeling nostalgic? Apparently, Hollywood was.

There was nothing more heartwarming than Obama's dedicatory message to women who are victims of abuse. The appearance of Brooke Axtell may have brought the Grammys to a more sombre place, but it invited the audience to reflect on their privileged lives for a moment accompanied by a lovely Katy Perry ballad. Message received.

TayTay's Dance Moves
As per usual, everyone was eying Taylor Swift last night as she danced the night away in the audience. She never fails to deliver a stellar performance whether on stage or at her seat. Will there be a gif? One can only hope.

Sam Smith's Awards
Apparently, last night was the night of Sam Smith. He won almost all the awards and humbly accepted each one as one would expect from such a kind looking fellow. He also delivered an incredible show with Mary J. Blige and we love him a little more for it.

Paul McCartney's Little Dance
It looks like Paul McCartney is taking the example from Taylor Swift and shaking it off British style by clapping his hands delightfully. Unfortunately for him, the cameras are always watching and unlike Taylor, he's not much of an attention seeker.

There were many things about Pharrell that rocked our world last night. First moment to remember was when he walked on stage and discussed the awkwardness of the situation Anna Kendrick style (who btw looked AMAZE in a tux). Also, I can't get those sparkly yellow shoes out of my head. He is officially my new style icon.

Madonna's Outfit
We all know Madonna is trying to make Madonna happen, but last night's matador look was only further proof of this undeniable reality. Nobody needed to see your behind, Madodo. Is she even relevant anymore? Let's discuss.

Of course, the best part of the night was when Kanye almost hopped on stage to defend Beyonce's cause after Beck took the award for Album of the Year. I wonder if Kim is jealous of her man's fierce loyalty to Queen Bey?

If you missed any of these mind boggling moments, you can always catch up online. If not, you didn't really miss much.



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