Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The "Dirty Hair" Look: Will It Ever Catch On?

The week at New York Fashion Week, our very own Alexander Wang had models walk down the runway with hair in a state that we would never leave our house in. It looked nothing short of greasy and stuck on your face like they hadn't washed it in over a week. Wang loves to push the envelope and take an unconventional route in his shows, but whether the fashionistas of this world will adopt this look is another question altogether.

 The question is: Is this fashion?

Several seasons ago, Prada had her models sport the exact opposite of Wang's, the wet I-just-showered look. It was definitely something we wouldn't mind trying ourselves. Is fashion transitioning into a more "easy" look when it comes to hair? In other words, are we spending way too much time with the hairdryer? Wang says yes. So does Miuccia. Perhaps our best look is one that is most natural.

With hairstylists running to and fro during fashion week, we can safely say they're doing their job, but their work is so expertly executed that it appears as close to natural as can be. However, we all know the secret behind the no-makeup makeup look. Only a true artist can achieve a natural look with the same amount of effort as the, shall we say, unnatural look. Without access to these stylists, can we even pull off runway hair? Should we even try? Is this merely an expression of artistic freedom or a message to the masses?

Though this hairstyle seems absurd to the average person, is it possible that Wang is trying to tell us something? Should we be taking a break from our intensive beauty routines and opt for something slightly less done? This is not a revolutionary idea. Beach waves are a prime example of keeping the hair as "natural" as possible. But we all know Blake Lively's hair does NOT look like that in the morning. Or do we? How about the mantra "I woke up like this" as adopted by Beyonce? Would it be so ridiculous to wake up and walk out the door without touching a strand? Is done-down the new done-up?

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