Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What Does Your Denim Say About You?

Based on your choice of jeans, many conclusions can be drawn. Due to the large variety that exists on the market, we're prone to experimenting with an abundance of choice, but in reality, we all have that favourite pair that makes us feel (our butt look) like a million bucks. Which one is that for you? Take your pick and learn a bit more about yourself in the process.

In every aspect of your life, you strive for comfort. Whether in terms of the shoes you wear or the places you frequent, you love those cozy months where you get to snuggle up to your favourite pieces from that massive wardrobe of yours. You like a boyfriend jean because it almost feels like you're wearing sweatpants without looking like a mess headed to the gym. Score. These jeans indicate that you're a free spirit with a tomboy attitude. Your easygoing nature attracts people to your circle and your infectious laugh makes everyone want to be your best friend. Stress is just not in your vocabulary.
Dominant Traits: Boyish, Easy-Going, Calm
Celebrities who've worn this trend:  Emma Stone, Jennifer Aniston, Sienna Miller

Though some may say you're a conventional gal, you prefer to call yourself a trendy fashionista. You feel most at ease in a skinny jean because it is undeniably the most flattering look on your body. You know you can wear it with everything in your closet and you're a practical woman, so you'll buy this style in every colour that exists. You like classic pieces like pearls and LBD's, but you also strive to look sexy at every occasion. You have an abundance of friends in your surroundings because of your outgoing personality and draw people in like a magnet, or a tight pair of pants. Everyone wants to be you because of your projected confidence and put-together aura.
Dominant Traits: Classy, Sophisticated, Mature
Celebrities who've worn this trend: Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alba, Olivia Palermo

You're a 70's diva at heart and live for that flared leg pair of jeans in your closet. Nothing says fashionista like this unconventional look not suited for the faint of heart. You live in your high heels and radiate confidence with every step. You're flirtatious by nature and the fun girl in your group of friends. You're up for anything and always down for a party. You're that loveable girl that everyone can rely on to be in a good mood at all times. Some would call you a bundle of energy with a slightly mischievous edge, but you're not big on labels.
Dominant Traits: Confident, Wild, Happy 
Celebrities who've worn this trend: Victoria Beckham, Rachel Zoe, Karlie Kloss

You're a little bit old school when it comes to your denim. In fact, the more worn in it is, the better. Some would call you an artist because of your effortless style and natural ease with fashion. You love clothing that defines your waist and creates physical illusions that elongate your body. While it may be the latest trend, you've been wearing this look since 1995. Your love of fashion knows no limits as you enjoy deriving inspiration from everywhere. You have a reserved personality, but enjoy intellectual conversation. You've been told you're better one-on-one than in large crowds and that suits you just fine.
Dominant Traits: Demure, Edgy, Artistic
Celebrities who've worn this trend: Leandra Medine (Man Repeller), Alexa Chung, Ariana Grande

You love it when your denim is in distress because you're a little bit on the crazy side yourself. Some people would call you clumsy, but in your mind, you're merely fast-paced. You were that kid who constantly fell on her face and lifted herself up again in pre-school. You have a determined spirit and strong character with great ambitions, but people tend to underestimate you. You may project one image, but there's a hidden person behind that exterior. Nobody can cross you because you know how to fight your battles and you always win because of your fruitless obstinacy. Nobody gets in your way because you're a born leader, but you also have a sensitive side that nobody sees unless they're very close to you.
Dominant Traits: Powerful, Leader, Strong
Celebrities who've worn this trend: Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Rita Ora
Which one is your favourite?
P.S All descriptions have been invented by me.

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