Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Letter to Men Who Wear Skinny Jeans

Dearest men in skinnies,


Don't take this the wrong way. I love a man who knows how to dress. I also think it's lovely that you've adopted this trend because women discovered long ago that it does wonders for your legs. I'd like to personally thank Harry Styles for making this a popular style choice (no pun intended). That said, I still cannot wrap my head around this look. Do I love it? Yes. On myself. I live in my skinny jeans. On some men, I can even admit that it's flattering (see photo above). With androgyny being fashion's favourite word and all, I should not indulge in hypocrisy by claiming that women can dress like men and men cannot dress like women. But then again, is wearing skinny jeans dressing like a woman? When I wear pants am I dressing like a man? How about if I add a bow tie? The line is so fine between what clothing is female and which is male these days. You would think society has advanced far beyond this point, but yet, here we are, discussing men adopting a stereotypical female trend. As someone who condones those who break the fashion rules and stand by who they are, I encourage you to dress as you please, but why are you wearing my pants? I call them MY pants because I am speaking as a woman, for all women. Perhaps we should all take a moment and reflect on this rising trend. If men can wear skinny jeans, maybe they can wear skirts as well or dresses. If Anna Kendrick shows up on the Red Carpet in a tux, everyone thinks she looks sexy, but what if Kanye West wore a dress (I know. I giggle at the thought). Am I taking it too far? Will this ever even happen? Did anyone imagine that women would be wearing pants back in 1885? Are men in skinny jeans a signal of change? If so, the Brits are way ahead of the game and we, North Americans, far behind. Are we underestimating the power of the skinny jean? Interestingly enough, when women began wearing pants, it was considered revolutionary, but men in skinny jeans is completely overlooked by society. Are people less shocked when men are making the changes in this world because it remains "male-dominated"? Or am I just speaking like a feminist? Maybe I'm less concerned with the actual situation and more so with society's indifference. Is this a big deal or am I insane for bringing it up?

Ponder it,



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