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10 Reasons Wearing Sunglasses Indoors Is NOT The Craziest Idea

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With Fashion Week just around the corner, I can't help but think about the fashion choices that will inevitably be made on the streets of New York come February 11th. I feel like a street style photographer getting his camera gear ready minus the credentials of Tommy Ton. Of course, I will be sitting at home flipping through photos on, but no matter. I will be there in spirit. One of my favourite fashion choices during Fashion Week happens to be the mystery of Anna Wintour's sunglasses. Why is this so mysterious aside from the obvious? She never takes them off. That's right. Any photo you spot of Anna features the sunglasses, whether indoors or outdoors. Though some may criticize this fashion choice and call her a snob, I beg to differ. In fact, Anna may have a purpose when wearing those sunglasses indoors. In honour of her bold fashion choice, I've decided to create a list that might convince you that you're the crazy one. Let's countdown.

Camera Flash
This is probably the most obvious reason to wear sunglasses indoors. At Fashion Week, there are cameras and iPhones flashing left and right. How can you possibly make sure you don't blink every five seconds or go blind? Imagine getting photographed squinty eyed during Fashion Week. There is nothing more horrific than that, except maybe an unwarranted panty shot. Perhaps Anna just has sensitive eyes and she wants to make sure she looks good in all the photos by keeping them protected. Or maybe not. Either way, flash is obviously a greater danger to us than the sun.

Personal Drama
Often, personal drama is overlooked in the midst of Fashion Week because honestly, who cares what's going on in your life when there are beautiful designs parading the runways for a month? However, not everyone thinks that way. Some of us are sensitive at certain times of the month and thus, we are more susceptible to crying at the smallest trigger. For example, if Jeremy Scott decides to show McDonald's on the runway and we're struggling to maintain our diet, that may be rough on our emotions. Enter sunglasses. After all, tears and running mascara is definitely not camera worthy.

You'll Look Cooler
This may not sound like a "logical" reason per say, but in fashion speak, it is. Why do sunglasses make you look cooler than everyone else? Well, for one thing, nobody knows what you're thinking. The truth is in your eyes, so without that window to the soul, you're a mystery to all those around you. And who isn't intrigued by mystery? When your life is an open book (like Kim K's), people have nothing to work for. If you're an enigma, everyone wants to know what's underneath the sunglasses which makes you more desirable as a human being. It's common logic, really.

They're Just Another Accessory
If we can carry handbags indoors, why not sunglasses? Will all the shapes and sizes out there, how can we possibly reserve this accessory for the great outdoors? There is nothing more fun than a pair of whimsical sunglasses shaped like hearts or clouds. They are the ultimate conversation starter and a playful accessory to add to your outfit. They can spruce up a basic look, because let's face it, they aren't just there to protect your eyes from UV rays anymore, are they?

You Can Go Out Without Makeup
Perhaps Anna Wintour hates removing her makeup every night. Some of us are way too busy for such banalities. Sure, eye makeup can be fun with all the colours of the rainbow to choose from, but sometimes, we just want to go natural. I know what you're thinking. Why can't you go natural and bare it all to the crowd? Maybe you want to live on the edge and leave people wondering whether you put makeup on this morning. Am I wearing mascara? Am I not? Am I wearing underwear? Am I not? It's the same thing really.

They Will Hide Your Hangover Face
If you're living the wild life, you may have partied last night, but since you're that important and you MUST attend Fashion Week, your hangover eyes are UNACCEPTABLE. In reality, who needs to see them? Since the beginning of time, people have been covering their eyes to shield the hangover and it has become socially acceptable. In fact, sunglasses are an indicator that you're probably invited to parties all the time and even if you aren't, what's wrong with projecting that image every once in a while?

You Can Look At People Without Them Knowing
Who doesn't love to people watch? Sometimes we just want to observe our surroundings unnoticed. That is perfectly okay. You can stare as much as you want because nobody will know. This is not crazy, contrary to popular belief, but in the age of Facebook stalking, it's a common practice. The important people of the industry such as Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld need to be observant to further their careers. That's how you get inspired, isn't it? What writer doesn't eavesdrop on conversations to capture the reality of dialogue? Staring is just a necessary evil to developing your art.

You Can Avoid People Without Them Knowing
We all find ourselves stuck in situations where we don't want to talk to anyone. For example, pre-coffee, I refuse to make conversation. Unfortunately, some people might take it badly. Lucky for us, sunglasses are a great way to get rid of people. You may perceive me as a snob, but I just don't feel like talking because it's simply too early. Sunglasses are a better way out than the most delicately woven excuse.

You Can Sleep in Public
When life gets boring, you need a pair of sunglasses to doze off in any location you please. Anna Wintour has to watch an abundance of shows during Fashion Week and frankly, a woman like her gets bored and tired (like most of us). Sometimes we need to just take a quick power nap without anyone knowing. What better way to do so than behind a cool pair of shades?

For The Sake of Fashion
Because why not?

Convinced yet? This may be the cure to flash sensitivity and if it is, I'm signing that petition to bring this look to the masses.



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