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New York Fashion Week Review: My Top 5

Guess what? It's that time of year again. FEBRUARY. Yes, this month is terrible for a number of reasons: the excruciating cold, Valentine's Day, etc., but there is a silver lining that we like to call New York Fashion Week. This year, most of the designers stayed true to their image and though not many boundaries were broken, we felt a sense of warmth at the sight of Michael Kors' usual minimalist aesthetic and Vera Wang's almost entirely black collection. However, I still picked five of my favourites to review. Ready?

This was one of my favourite shows this season in New York because every piece looked exactly like something I would love to see in my closet. A bunch of silly beanies, some oversized sweaters, a few adorable mini skirts to compliment said oversized sweaters, PYJAMA SUITS (which I am finally starting to understand as a fashion statement), and round sunglasses (my favourite shape of eyewear). Stripes were the dominant print in this collection and were featured in almost every look. Fringe even had a moment and so did the abstract painting motif. As a whole, this looked like the most comfortable looking wardrobe I could ever aspire to and I wanted all of it.
This collection was way too cool for school and as a result, I was instantly drawn to it. My favourite fabric made an appearance several times in the form of high-waisted pants and sleeveless vests. Yes, I am talking about leather. In this case, the print was plaid, which made total sense as it is a Fall/Winter collection after all with punk rock inclinations. Though the collection was dominated by neutrals, there were some splashes of red and based on my deductions, this may just be the happening colour of Fall 2015. Just a wild guess. It felt very downtown chic meets utilitarian with structured jackets and blazers in various shades of khaki. Bomber jackets also made an appearance because what cool girl doesn't wish to own a bomber?
I confess. I am drawn to all things edgy with a pinch of attitude and this collection was exactly what the doctor ordered. Leather mini skirts? Check. Puffer jackets with fur trimmed hoods? Check. Hot pants? Check. This collection was the epitome of sexy and conjured images of Kate Moss in the 90s. It projected that good girl gone bad look with a few lace tights and boudoir-inspired outfits. Looks like someone was inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey. Or perhaps we're all just in a flirtatious mood. Could it be the Valentine's Day spirit? As with many of the most recent collections, this one was very much inspired by a 70s aesthetic with deep V necklines and checkered blazers in mustard and greige. According to the designers, their ideas behind the collection began with birds and if you look closely, it's written all over the clothes. Yes, I'm talking about those sparkly feathered numbers that closed the show. These designers definitely know how to make a statement.
Watch it here
This collection touched a much more feminine side of me and it started with that stunning purple lip I immediately wanted to try. Let me begin by saying that I lusted after absolutely everything in this collection from the matching pale pink set at the very beginning to the checkered jumpsuit in the middle to the long raspberry coat at the end. There were so many splashes of wonderful colours, it almost didn't feel like winter for a moment. If you're in the mood to be girly, there were enough mini dresses for every day of the week and each one was amazing in its own way. Though the collection started with some loose draping, the designer introduced some sensual black lace to give this seemingly innocent wardrobe some edge. It was perfect.
Peter Copping took the reigns and though we all miss Oscar dearly, he did him proud. He kept the original designer's aesthetic with sophisticated and feminine looks including some classic tweed suits and a few flared skirts. Though the hems were higher, they remained elegant and refined for the Oscar woman at heart. Frilly blouses paired with minis were precisely my cup of tea and the little bits of fur made it all the more glamorous. The show ended with some Oscar potential dresses and a few cocktail selections for the bold amongst us. Yes, I'm talking about that off-the-shoulder gold dress and the colour-blocked one that closed the show. It was definitely cocktail hour at De La Renta and everyone showed up wanting to leave a lasting impression.
Watch it here.
What did you think of New York Fashion Week? Which collections were your favourites?

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