Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Why Dresses Are The Key To Surviving Your Summer

When the weather heats up and the layers come off, the best part about summer shines through. We finally get to throw something on and head out the door without a fuss. Winter coat? No thanks. Gloves? See you later. A hat? Maybe for style purposes. While winter may have been about the accessories you NEED, summer is about the ones you want, the ones that are there #forthesakeoffashion.

A prime example of this easy-going way of dressing is a dress. Whether a loose hip hugging maxi, a flared floral mini, a fitted deep-v style, or a 60s inspired shift, there is such a wide array of dresses that you can officially discard your pants this season. Dresses are the best for a number of reasons. Allow me to list them for you.

Your legs can breathe.
Pants are constricting. Shorts can ride up your butt in an unflattering way. Dresses never let you down and you can always feel the breeze pass through your legs.
It's just one piece.
Who has the time to think of a complete outfit? With a dress, you just need to choose your shoes. No matter how many pairs you have, this is a much easier feat.
They're ultra feminine.
Winter was so cold, you forgot what it was like to be a woman. Pants may be great, but it's time to wear something flirty and prepare yourself for a summer fling.
Matching who?
Again, it's just one piece. Matching doesn't get any easier than that.
It's just more comfortable.
If it's floating on your body, you're guaranteed comfort. Nothing says chill and low-maintenance like a light summer dress.
Could this be your new summer wardrobe?
Ponder it,


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