Monday, May 11, 2015

#ForTheSakeofFashion: Wearing One Earring, Yay or Nay?

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In recent months, everyone's talking about ear candy, who is stealing the spotlight from the more commonly known arm candy. Whether more of us are wearing our hair up or we're simply looking for additional ways to adorn ourselves, earrings are the jewels of the moment and it's time to expose our least attractive body part, the ear (I know that's debatable, but we'll let it slide).

Last year was all about the glamorous ear cuff that emboldened the woman who wore it. With an ear cuff so flashy, the rule is to wear it on one ear and keep it simple with a stud or nothing on the other. As this trend gained momentum, women started to neglect the other ear all together. It became a game of picking your favourite ear and keeping the jewellery limited. So, make sure you choose your best side.

Though beauty is generally defined by aesthetic symmetry, the fashion industry likes to embrace the opposite, contrary to popular belief. From asymmetrical hemlines to hair parted on one side and teeth parted in the center, we're all feeling a little lopsided anyway.

Who needs a second earring when your bling on that one side already makes such a statement?

As a lover of asymmetry, I can't help but feel drawn to this trend. Symmetry tries to impose perfection, while asymmetry glorifies imperfection. There's a common misconception that fashion magazines are constantly trying to project a singular image of beauty. While this may have been true in the past, it is currently trying to counter that belief by encouraging the oddballs to shine. Moreover, plus size is becoming less taboo and ethnic models are becoming more prominent on the runway scene. It's officially an era of major changes.

Could the one-sided earring be an even bigger symbolic change than we think?

While it may make little sense to us now, it's on its way to becoming a chic fashion trend that takes us back to our childhood days of returning home from preschool with one earring missing. At the time, it was usually another little girl or boy who had pulled it off or we lost it at the park while playing in the sand. Today, it's intentional.

So find yourself that one statement piece. Pull your hair to the side. And own it.

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