Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Why Designated Work-Out Clothes Are Essential

One of the biggest trends to hit the runways is sportswear as casual wear. Alexander Wang said it himself that he hopes his athletic collection for H&M will be worn on the streets as well as on the treadmill. What this revolution did was make us believe that we didn't have to be athletic to wear a pair of leggings with a tank top made of spandex. Even the girliest amongst us can pull off a jersey with the right pair of heels. My question is: is this really a good thing?

Sure, I can finally walk the streets in running shoes and claim it's a fashion statement.
I can also lie and claim I just got back from a serious workout at the gym.
It's a win-win. Right?

via blog.motelrocks.com
What is wrong with this picture?

Aside from the VS models, athletes, and yogis who can't live without their workouts, is it possible that this is actually bad for the rest of us who are slightly less disciplined?

Raise your hand if you've ever told yourself you'd start hitting the gym as soon as you got that special pair of Adidas Originals to complete your outfit (if you're alone in your room, you can raise it metaphorically).
Raise your hand if you've told yourself that you absolutely HAD to have a pair of Lululemon sweatpants if you were really going to dedicate yourself to that Pilates class.
Raise your hand if going shopping was your initial response to the thought of hitting the gym in any way, shape, or form.

If you raised your hand to all three of those, you're exactly like me.

Some of us need that extra level of discipline to convince ourselves to hit the gym. Sometimes, the VS Fashion Show doesn't cut it. We need to set aside a gym wardrobe to fit working out into our schedule. By reserving those clothes for the gym, they become our uniform without which we cannot go.

If you go to work without your "work clothes", whether a Walmart t-shirt or head-to-toe black retail style, you're not following the dress code. Without that dress code, it's simply another day without structure. And some of us need a little structure to get just as fit as Karlie Kloss or Adriana Lima.

So, keep your gym clothes away from your other clothes. In this case, segregation is necessary in the cafeteria that is your closet.

Ponder that,


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