Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Navy and Black: Enemies That Became Friends

Back in the day (which day, I couldn't tell you), wearing navy and black together in the same outfit was unheard of. Who would dare combine these two similar colours in one look? It's bland, dull, and creates an aura of overall darkness. Also, the fashion world scolds those who try to match and fail miserably by choosing two colours that are close, but no cigar. Any artist knows that it's better to opt for contrasting colours than to attempt at a perfect match. Unless your wearing black on black, navy just looks like you went colour blind for a split second, like when you put on navy tights and only realize that they aren't black once you walk out the door.

Today, all of this has changed, my friends, as the black and navy debate has resurfaced. The fashion gods have bestowed upon us the right to wear these two colours alongside one another. Rules? Who needs 'em! In a world where fashion is constantly trying to innovate, we need to start reevaluating our current system of laws that govern how we dress.

If one can even fathom pants under a skirt, why can't we wear navy with black? It seems so banal.

In the fashion world, matching is a touchy subject. This is primarily caused by its subjectivity. While one person may tell you to NEVER mix your metals, another might say that silver and gold worn simultaneously on the same wrist is very on trend. While one person might wear stripes with polka dots, another might declare this look pattern overkill. While some will only wear colours in the same family, others will spread their wings towards friends and acquaintances on the spectrum. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone wants to express it. Well, perhaps not everyone. But for those who like to take a little fashion risk every now and then, the thrill of a new rule collapsed at the seams is a cause for celebration.

Sceptical? Feeling uncertain about this black and navy combo you were taught to hate? Well, to convince you of its potential, I've put together a few looks that might inspire you to change your mind. Open your mind and take a look. Your wardrobe may soon be filled with possibilities.


What do you think of this trend? Does it work or is it unheard of in your book?

Ponder it,



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