Monday, November 10, 2014

How To Measure How Badly You NEED It

Have you ever walked out of a store with a cheek to cheek smile on your face feeling absolutely smitten with the product you just purchased? Best feeling ever, right? Nothing compares. Now, I want you to think back. Have you ever looked at that same product a month later with raised eyebrows, wondering how on earth you could've thought it was worth your coin?

Thought so. If your answer was yes, don't worry. This happens to me on a monthly basis and I read fashion like it's my oxygen tank. 

So many questions flood my mind as I contemplate this phenomenon that plagues us all.

How do I decide if I love something enough to purchase it?
What drives me to buy it? 
How can I love something one day and hate it three weeks later? 
How could I have missed that horrible detail that ruined the item for me forever?
How could I think I wouldn't stain that a pair of WHITE pants?
How could I be such a fickle shopper?

Too many questions. Not enough answers.

What drives us to make a purchase comes from deep within our souls and therefore, it is difficult for our limited brains to understand (even the smartest amongst us are troubled by this strange occurrence). Often, we'll buy something because we were inspired by an image in a magazine, a girl walking down the street, our favourite celebrity, or a trend we spotted on the runway. Whichever the reason, we are driven by a powerful force to buy something we call our "coup de coeur" and somehow, the spark fades like a romance gone sour after it is already too late to return it. I know you've all been through it. After all, everyone makes mistakes and sinks into post-purchase regret occasionally. To help us all with our shopping regrets, I have decided to construct a list of things to consider when we're shopping that can serve as our Virgil. Look at it as a guide to making the right purchase decisions (almost) every time. I know what you're thinking. If this girl makes the same mistakes I do then how can she help me? Well, I've learned a lot from those mistakes (as we all do) and even if I don't always follow my own advice, I'd like to impart it onto you and hope it spreads. Listen and consider the validity of these options. 

1) When approaching an item, ask yourself: am I in a rush?
- Often, if you are in a rush or need something desperately, you will buy on impulse. As much as you NEED that pair of boots, don't buy them when you're too eager. It frequently leads to regret.

2) Think of 3-5 ways this item will fit into your current wardrobe.
- We are often driven to buy something and our fogged brains make us forget to keep our current closet in mind. If you have no way of putting it together creatively, don't buy it.

3) Think of 3-5 things you love about this item.
- If you find enough physical attributes that suit your fancy, you know it's worth it.

4) Ask a friend's opinion.
- This may seem unnecessary to you, but often, the mirror will lie, while your best friend won't.

5) Ask yourself: Is it just a trend piece?
- If it is a trendy item, you need to think about whether it's actually something you see yourself wearing in the long term. Think long and hard about that one. If you know you'll probably get over it in a few weeks, don't invest.

6) Think of one aspect of this item that works into your personality.
- If this item says something about who you are, it'll make it personal and that's the key to a great purchase.

7) Consider your budget.
- This should not be taken lightly. If it isn't within your budget, it'll be particularly painful when you decide you like it a little less tomorrow.

8) Ask yourself: Do I like it? or Am I "In Love"?
Yes, you can fall in love with something material and like with real couple love, it sometimes manipulates your vision. If you absolutely love and can't live without those shoes in your life, you will most likely wear them to death and get your money's worth. This is the only excuse for an above budget item. In this case, you should save up for it and buy it when the time is right. Also, make sure your love is real. Lust can be a very tricky alter-ego. 

Think about each of these things every time you make a purchase and you'll probably find yourself with a wardrobe full of favourites. Who needs those pieces you'll get rid of in a year? Keep it concise and emblematic of who you are.



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