Monday, November 3, 2014

Kate Moss Was Cara Delevingne For Halloween: Let's Discuss

Our favourite model of the moment, the silly faced Cara Delevingne has officially reached the status of Halloween costume. She can now be aligned with the vampires and minions of this world. Who made it all possible? Well naturally, it was none other than Kate Moss. Cara has already declared the supermodel as someone she aspires to, but who would have envisioned the impact this would have on the queen of modelling herself?

This weekend, Kate Moss decided to honor/mock/celebrate Cara by dressing up in head-to-toe Cara gear for Halloween (hoodie and tongue included). While a costume can have many functions, including but not limited to, seductive, scary, and shocking, this one was particularly striking due to the frequent comparisons drawn between the two. While Kate Moss was the sexy party girl of yesteryear, Cara is everyone's current muse with an infectious personality that makes everyone want to be her best friend (including Pharrell). The two models were recently featured in an ad together for Burberry because of everyone's obsession with pairing them together.

What do these two women have in common?
They're both British.
They're both party girls.
They're both blond.
They're both top models in the industry.
They're both Burberry girls.

Need I say more?

Now, let's contemplate the psychological motivations behind this costume choice for a moment.

Was it tasteful or tasteless?
Is Cara's transformation into a Halloween costume a signal of her status in the industry?
Is Kate's jest funny or slightly offensive?
Is Kate looking to regain the attention that's been diverted towards Cara?

OR can one view this costume choice as an older sister making fun of her younger sibling? If that is the case, let them be sisters for a night. Perhaps next year, Cara will be Kate. But in this case, it probably won't be Halloween.

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