Friday, April 22, 2016

Plastic Is Fantastic (Especially for Rain)

"Rain, come at me, because this year, I will be fashionably prepared. You may think you can rain on my parade by frizzing up my hair and soaking up my sandal-adorned feet, but you are greatly mistaken. The fashion world has officially made plastic happen."

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If I were to have a conversation with the rain, that is more or less what it would be like. You may be thinking, "Plastic? Hell no. That cannot be fashionable." Perhaps several years/seasons/seconds ago I may have said the same. Today, I sing a different tune. Thanks to Christopher Kane, my hair shall be left undamaged because of a certain plastic headscarf shown on the runways this year. Will my purse get wait? No it won't. It will be full-on plastic as seen at Loewe's Spring 2016 show. As a result, my belongings will not risk a drop of water. Also, who needs an umbrella when you've got plastic hats at Gary Graham?

Spring may have officially arrived, but that doesn't guarantee endless days of sunshine (unfortunately). In fact, it's known to rain a lot in the springtime (at least in Canada). While this may be good for nature, it's much more unpleasant for us humans, forced to carry a burdensome umbrella that will flip upwards if attacked too harshly by the heavy waters falling from the sky. While your classic trench is always on trend, it loses part of its function without the protective hood to shield your hair from water damage. Nature can sometimes be unkind and that's why we need to find a way to keep our look intact without losing our fashion sense in the process. While the initial response may be one of distaste (what has the fashion world done now), it's undeniable that this trend is quite practical. While your classic rain mac used to be the only option, the Spring 2016 runways introduced  much more chic innovations to make rain dancing so much more fun.

Are you ready to embrace this trend? I don't know about you, but I may find myself dancing in the rain some day soon, an activity I never thought I'd do.

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