Friday, March 25, 2016

What's The Deal With Blue Lipstick?

Back in the early 20th century, the only nail polish colours to choose from were red and pink. Eventually, we graduated to the blue and greens, but though I was not alive at the time, I can imagine this was a difficult transition for society. Now, let's move on to the subject at hand: blue lips. I won't lie. The first thought that comes to mind when I think of blue lips is staying out in the cold too long or, The Titanic. Why would anyone paint their lips blue on purpose?

Lo and behold, my friends, I've already spotted the trend at Sephora and in my favourite high fashion magazines. Is it possible that this is actually catching on? Or more importantly, why am I so shocked by this?

Let's talk about the deeper issue. Why are blue lips such a problem for me? And potentially, for you as well? If the most daring among us try this trend, will it raise eyebrows of envy or confusion?

While I consider myself to be a major lipstick fanatic (I'll try almost any colour once), this one plagues my mind. Then again, before trying red lips in the day time, the mere thought seemed outrageous to me. Today, I'll wear plum purple. If I've managed to ease into a quasi-black lip, is blue in the cards for me? Would you try this trend or will you leave it to the fashion editorials?

What does our reluctance to try such a bold lip say about society? Why are we so incapable of accepting change, even in the smallest form? I ask myself these questions because I can't help but wonder why colours can be deemed "taboo" on the street scene (or maybe just out of our comfort zone). So, I challenge you to try this lip trend one day. Maybe you're only prepared to showcase it in the evening with dimmer lighting. Maybe you're bold enough to attempt it at work. Perhaps you'll get a few compliments. You'll never know unless you try. Be bold this season. Who's stopping you? Other people's judgement?

Think about it.


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