Friday, February 12, 2016

The Fashion Calendar Revised? (Time To Discuss This Saturated Topic)

Yesterday morning at 9am, the air seemed fresher, the sun shone brighter, and my NYFW app notified me that I had just missed the Nicholas K show, an indication that New York Fashion Week had begun (and that I overslept). But let's put this news on hold for a moment and reflect on the current state of affairs in the fashion industry today.

Social media has exploded in the past 5-10 years, creating a millennial generation that lives in the now. Though the fashion industry may have been the first to embrace this uprising, the concept of instantaneity is only beginning to have a strong (nay, delayed) impact.

In the last few weeks, a few designer labels, including Tom Ford, Vetements, and Burberry, have announced that they will be following the consumer schedule rather than showcasing their collections 6 months ahead of time. In other words, the Fall 2016 shows will be presented in, yes, you guessed it, FALL 2016.

As a millennial, and a committed fashion week follower, I've frequently contemplated this particular subject. Though I watched all the shows back in September, I can honestly say, I can't remember what I witnessed. I can only assume florals, stripes, and white lace were involved, but frankly, I draw a blank when it comes to the precise themes of the designer collections. In the past, I would revise them on YouTube or Vogue Runway (previously called to give myself a quick reminder of what's to come and occasionally, I would just check out what the shops had displayed in their windows.

Is it possible that there will come a day when this will no longer be necessary? Are the days of feeling depressed every time Fall rolls around and all I see on the runways are short hemlines and sandals I won't be wearing for another 6 months about to come to an end?

Are we even ready for this change? Or rather, have we waited way too long for it to come about? Is it a positive step forward or a sign of conformity?

Are you prepared for a confusing transition that involves Fall and Spring intermingling for the next few years until everyone converts to the new system? I know I'm not. But I'm excited.

Ponder these questions and let me know what you think.

Have a great weekend!


P.S Stay tuned for my Fashion Month play-by-play in the upcoming weeks!

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