Monday, February 29, 2016

Taking A Break From Fashion Month To Discuss #OscarsSoWhite

Before you read this, I have to confess. This is actually a best-dressed list disguised as an argumentative essay about the predominantly white Oscar nominations this year. So I apologize in advance if that's what you were expecting. Perhaps the very fact that this best-dressed list is slightly too white might make us all think about the current issue plaguing the mind's of Hollywood's elite. I invite you to think about that as you take a look at this best-dressed list. Full disclosure, the choices are entirely based on the dresses, not my opinion of the women wearing them. In my book, every woman on that Red Carpet deserves to be honoured and admired for her work and the dress is merely a matter of taste, that differs from one critic to another. After several hours of watching Mad Max win awards, let's analyze and criticize the most frivolous, yet integral, part of the show: what everyone was wearing (or maybe just my top 10 best).

Mindy Kaling in Elizabeth Kennedy
I am a huge fan of Mindy Kaling for a number of reasons. One of them happens to be her classy sense of style. While Mindy has made a few strange Red Carpet choices, this one was simple and yet, also one of the best. The cut was flattering and the surprise at the back gave it a touch of glamour, making it Oscar-ready. Let's not forget to mention, her beauty look is beyond chic.
Jennifer Garner in Rene Caovilla
While this look could have potentially landed much higher on my best-dressed list, it remained slightly safe and a tad too predictable for my taste. Regardless, Jen looked bombshell stunning in black with just the right amount of sparkle to stand out on the Red Carpet.
Rachel McAdams in August Getty Atelier
I may be impartial to Rachel McAdams because she's Canadian, but it's undeniable that green is definitely her colour. While the best green dress just happened to be worn by someone else last night, I still loved the sensual simplicity of this look.

Cate Blanchett in Armani Prive
Cate Blanchett always wears Armani Prive and this year is no different. She has never made my best-dressed list though. Until now. Generally, this actress loves to make a statement on the carpet and while I'm usually a huge fan of bold statement-makers, hers never quite succeed at giving me the fuzzy feels that other dresses do. This year, I couldn't decide if I loved or hated this aqua dress. Part of me felt as though I were looking at a sea creature. The other part just wanted to touch it. It's the type of dress you might see in a fairytale and that is exactly what I loved about it.
Charlize Theron in Christian Dior
Charlize Theron is probably the only actress who can actually say she ALWAYS wears the dress (the dress never wears her) because no dress can upstage someone that beautiful. Whether this simple Dior number with a stunning deep V and a necklace that could blind the blind or something as elaborate as Cate Blanchett's dress, nothing can take away from Charlize Theron's modelesque figure and natural beauty. I'm pretty sure Emily Blunt wanted to kill the Academy for forcing them to present together.
Saoirse Ronan in Calvin Klein Collection
This sparkling emerald green custom Calvin Klein dress shone as bright as Saoirse's pride in her Irish heritage. Nothing says best-dressed like a look that came straight from the heart. Not only did she look stunning, but you could tell she felt it too. That is precisely was got her in my top five.
Olivia Munn in Stella McCartney
This dress may have been very simple, but as far as red dresses go (sorry, Charlize), but this one was definitely my fave. It was flattering, eye-catching, and striking against Olivia Munn's beautiful black hair. If I had to pick an Oscar dress, this would be the top choice on my list. The real question is: was it orange or red? I'll allow you to ponder that one.
Naomi Watts in Armani Prive
Naomi Watts, a constant contender on my best-dressed list, has blown me away once again with her Oscar choice. Like Cate Blanchett, this outfit was fit for an aquatic wonderland, but Naomi was the mermaid and Cate was a sea urchin (no offence to Cate intended). It was a cross between Saoirse's and Cate's dress, only better because it has ombre. I'm in love.
Priyanka Chopra in Zuhair Murad
Obviously, Priyanka Chopra cheated her way onto this list by choosing to wear the most incredible designer, Zuhair Murad. How could this look possibly have failed? Everything this designer produces is breathtaking and Priyanka owned this look. P.S Maybe this list isn't that white after all.
And the number one best-dressed on my list goes to...
Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton
Yellow may not be my colour, but it is definitely hers. Alicia's look was romantic, classy, and just bold enough to make her number one on this list. What can I say? Louis Vuitton speaks for itself.
Honourable Mentions:
Eddie Redmayne's black velvet blazer.
Chris Rock's white tuxedo blazer.

What was your favourite look from last night's Oscars? 

Ponder it,


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