Friday, May 13, 2016

Are Hoodies Even Fashion?

Due to streetwear brands like Hood by Air and Vetements, the fashion world can't get enough of the "stoner staple" otherwise known as the hoodie. I can't help but wonder, why?????

While fluffy coats project glamour, bombers are sport chic, and leather jackets are edgy as hell, hoodies are just plain, well, plain. Hoodies are what you wore back in high school gym class because it matched your sweatpants. Hoodies are what you bought after college to wear to bed with your school's colours and logo. Hoodies are what your boyfriend lent you during a long walk on a cold spring night. Hoodies are NOT a fashion staple.

Or are they?

Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh. Fashion has embraced the sneaker, particularly the Adidas Originals and Stan Smiths, and well, Adidas makes hoodies too so by logical deduction...The magazines can't stop talking about getting fit and athleisure, the most popular streetwear trend that transformed your gym wear into day-to-day attire. But, hoodies? Is it the next cool thing that we borrow from the boys or simply a sign we've just given up on getting dressed in the morning? Can a hoodie ever be chic?

Unless you're Kanye West, probably not.

It takes a certain type of person to rock a hoodie like a fashion girl/boy and though the S/S 16 runways have welcomed this newcomer with open arms, it hasn't quite swayed me yet.

HOWEVER, I do admit that a true pro can transform it and potentially, it can become a "fashion". If you're thinking of wearing it with your Roots sweatpants, think again.

How did slides become fashion? How did pyjamas become fashion? All it took was one fashionista to reinvent it. Perhaps sweatpants and a hoodie are not fashion, but maybe if you wore it with your fitted midi skirt? Or perhaps a pair of leather pants? 

Like anything else, the way to break into fashion is by breaking the rules, altering the norms, and mixing and matching in a way nobody thought possible. In that case, bring on the hoodie. Who knows? It may become my next closet staple.

Ponder it,


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