Friday, January 22, 2016

What Does Your Preferred Heel Height Say About You?

Sometimes, choosing a pair of shoes has nothing to do with need and everything to do with feeling taller. It's been shown that a pair of stilettos can make us feel elevated, literally and figuratively. When you're as short as me, this tends to be the case. But even the shortest among us want to lower the heel every once in a while to give our feet a break from the blistering pain. Naturally, we still have a preference. While some of us feel our best in a pair of 6 inch pumps, others are perfectly confident in pointy-toed flats. It's time to decide which one you identify with. Here is a (totally made up) quiz to help you out.

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Is Alexa Chung your style icon? Do you have a pinterest board featuring all of her best looks? If so, it could be because flats are your jam. Your motto? Who needs the pain of a heel when you can look just as chic in a pair of brogues? Whether you're feeling the menswear look or the classic ballet flat, you almost always opt for a comfortable shoe that allows you to move around easily. You're an easygoing person whose favourite activity is to Netflix and chill. Don't get me wrong, you love a good social gathering every now and again and your warm personality makes you a winner in a crowd. However, cuddling up with a good book suits you just fine as well.


You're a classy lady with an exuding confidence that draws people towards you. You love a chic little heel because it projects elegance and grace no matter the occasion without drawing in too much attention. When looking for the perfect shoe, you don't seek height, but rather a demure heel that breathes femininity. You enjoy brunch and tea parties with your gang of girls and love a good chick flick. Your sophistication is what makes everyone wish they were just like you because let's face it, not everyone could pull off a kitten heel.

You may be chic and elegant, but you're also someone nobody can mess with. You have an inner strength that is exhibited in the most daunting situations. You always have your friends' backs and will stop at nothing to get them justice when they are wronged. And you'll do it in your 3 inch stilettos. You love a good party, especially the cocktail kind, surrounded by all of your closest friends. On your quiet nights, you enjoy watching old movies, preferably the tearjerkers.

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Whether you're a little on the short side or you simply lust after Rachel Zoe's closet, platforms are your shoe of choice. When you walk into a room, you'd like people to know that you mean business. Some people may view you as intense, slightly dramatic, and occasionally, a loner, but none of these things bother you. You know who you are and you love to announce your presence in a room. You can be a little rebellious, but you almost always have a cause.


Which shoe is your favourite?

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